fun kids tennis lessons

Every parent nowadays faces the task of getting their kid off of the video games and out side. Kids now a days tend to live in their room compared to 15 years ago. Tennis is a great way to not only get your kids outside, but the entire family as well. Kids have a lot of energy, one great way to get rid of all the excess is to have them go out and play tennis!

When it comes to getting your child excited to go and play tennis, you want them to have fun at first! And over time the love and passion will build resulting in your child never wanting to leave the court! But be sure to make the child over play, overplay results in someone becoming burnt out and no longer enjoying what they use to. So one great way to prevent this is to allow the child to play how’d they like. At a young age, understanding all the rules is just about impossible. That’s why we always recommend teaching a 10 year old different than a 13 year old. Let them just hit the ball around and have some fun! Then Over time the skills and determination will come.

Another thing that is helpful when taking your kids out for the first time would be to always keep them occupied. We all known children will whine if they just end up standing their doing nothing. So instead, have all of your kids on 1 team against you and just hit it to them randomly so they each get the opportunity to stay busy! Along with that try to not have them out their running the full court. The chances your child is in shape enough to go out their and run like adults is extremely low. They will be tired five times faster than it would be on a small court.

And one other tip to keep your child’s interest levels in tennis up would be to have more friends and family come! Having friends around at a young age kinda makes your child think it’s the cool thing to do, and not to mention. Tennis builds ever lasting friendships that aren’t replaceable. Tennis isn’t just a youth sport, it’s a place that people go too to enlighten their day and to make the weekend better!

Starting your child tennis lessons is probably one of the best things you can do as a parent. Not only does it get the kids out of the house and the family together, it’s a place that you make friends for life and memories you’ll never forget. Tennis is a hobby that your child could follow into high school and even college if chosen to! If you have been thinking of ways to get your child out side, tennis is the smartest option!